WHERE ARE YOU? Event Organisers, Wedding & Party Planners

18 01-2018
WHERE ARE YOU? Event Organisers, Wedding & Party Planners

Wedding Planners, Event Organisers, Party Planners – Are you often on the phone calling or texting your suppliers (DJs, Photographers, Caterers, Florists and more) to ask “Where Are you?” Do you panic as you watch the clock move forward yet your suppliers are nowhere to be seen? When you call/text, they say they are stuck in traffic but is this so?
Track Me button 02SOLUTION? MastaMap Track Me available soon on Google Play! Get your suppliers to send you a MastaMap ‘Track Me’ link. 
MastaMap is looking to build deep relationships with our early user Entrepreneur community and will be offering “Track Me” FREE for a limited period only. 
HOW DOES TRACK ME WORK? No more panic calls to your suppliers. They simply generate a Track Me link and share this with you. Now you can track your suppliers as they make their way to you. Whether their vehicle is moving or stationary, you can see your suppliers and in fact, can alert them if they take a wrong turn thus saving them time & petrol!
HOW CAN I SEE AN EXAMPLE OF TRACK ME IN ACTION? Simply click the link below and press Play in the short video.
HOW DO I SIGN UP AS AN EARLY USER? –  Please click the link below and let us have your email: https://goo.gl/forms/tz3oSNnkvkUTzom92

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