MARY – Self Employed Caterer

15 10-2018
MARY – Self Employed Caterer

Introducing MASTAMAP – A customer tracking tool for Small Businesses and Jua Kali.

MastaMap  is a tracking app we have developed which enables caterers, freelancers, delivery companies, hairdressers, salespeople, wedding planners, photographers, small businesses, farmers, jua kali etc to share their location movements with Customers, Friends & Family as they move from location to location or meet with or, deliver to customers.  Entrepreneurs & salespeople can now avoid the “Where are You?” phone calls because now,  clients can track them (like an Uber), as they walk/drive to them & thus avoid taking calls in a loud matatu or while driving.  Below is Mary’s story which we would like to share with you.

MARY – Self Employed Caterer

Mary runs a small catering business in East Africa. She is struggling to get more business. On Monday, the government declares Wednesday a public holiday. Mary had ordered 13 kg of fresh meat and 8kg of fish as well as fruits and veg but on Tuesday, realises her small stall will not have customers the following day. It’s too late to cancel her order so what does Mary do with all the fresh produce?  In the west this is simple; Mary can freeze the perishable items but she only has a small fridge and recently there have been regular power outages hence why she has to buy, cook & sell produce on the same day. What is Mary to do?

SOLUTION: Enter MastaMap – an app that enables customers to track sellers as they move from location to location. Now Mary can cook on Wednesday and send a message on Whatsapp, Facebook or Telegram to all her customers & groups informing them that she will be available and that she will be sharing a ‘Track Me’ link. Mary wakes up early on Wednesday, prepares the food, packs it in to lunch containers and for a small fee, engages a boda boda driver to drive her around locations where she knows some taxi drivers (some of her most loyal customers) will be working. Mary creates and shares a MastaMap ‘Track Me’ weblink thus enabling her customers to see her as she comes to town. When she is stuck in traffic, Mary does not need to keep calling people; they see her and even come to her. This means that even on public holidays, her sales can continue. 

This MastaMap ‘Track Me’ scenario can also be applied to other sectors: farmers who wish to sell their produce in town, fishermen arriving on shore, mechanics to inform their clients they are on their way, shoe shiners, carpenters, handymen, plumbers, barbers, hairdressers, electricians or agents selling insurance, mobile phones and more.  Few self employed people in Africa can afford to rent an office or stall. MastaMap enables them to skip the need for an office/shop/restaurant by enabling them to be visible and to trade from various locations instead of being stuck in one location where footfall may be slow that day due to heavy rains, visiting VIPs, election campaigns, car accidents, security alerts and so forth. In addition, conventional storefronts can only reach a limited number of customers, especially in rural Africa. 

So, download and share MastaMap and let us empower & buy from local entrepreneurs   If you are self employed or an entrepreneur and based in Nairobi, we are also happy to meet with you, should you so wish. Contact us at: [email protected]

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