MastaMap ‘TRACK ME’ – “Uberizing” Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs!

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06 07-2018
MastaMap ‘TRACK ME’ – “Uberizing” Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs!

Uberizing Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs! 

PRODUCT: MastaMap ‘Track Me‘.  An Uber style tracking app., enabling users to share their real time location movements with customers, friends & family.  [See how ‘Track Me’ works below). 

WHY?  To meet the demands of the “on-demand economy” which in turn, is changing customer expectations and  disrupting customer services, as evidenced by the growth of: self-service platforms, messaging platforms & chatbots.

HOW? By Uberizing small businesses and encouraging communities to buy from local businesses & service providers. 

                                                         How Track Me Works [video]

                      VALUE PROPOSITION: 

  1. Local Brands & Entrepreneurs – Encouraging communities to buy from local businesses & service providers. 
  2. Customer Convenience and a better Customer Experience: Enables real time tracking and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for an appointment, allowing customers to get on with other things instead of wondering where their supplier is/what time their delivery will arrive.   
  3. Time Management & Self-service: Avoid unnecessary “Where Are You” tel calls. being put on hold, or, emails that go unanswered. Customers simply track their supplier/goods in real time (like tracking an Uber).
  4. Easy to Use: Users create a Track Me link in 3 simple steps.
  5. Accessible: The ’Track Me’ weblink is accessible to users with internet access & not just those who have downloaded the MastaMap app.
  6. Privacy – You decide who to share your ‘Track Me’ link with and, for how long.
  7. Share: Your ‘Track Me’ link can be shared by Email, SMS Texts, Whatsapp and more.

TARGET SEGMENT: Small businesses (transport, freight, real estate, removal companies, taxis, delivery (food, e-Commerce)), Self-employed (salespeople, event organisers, photographers, florists, caterers, wedding planners, food trucks, hairdressers, electricians, mechanics, plumbers), & Private individuals (friends, family & colleagues). See also Who Is MastaMap For?

USER TESTING COUNTRIES: UK, USA, Kenya,  India, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Austria and Australia.

If you are interested in investing in, partnering with, or, being part of our journey, please contact us at: [email protected] 

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