MastaMap ‘TRACK ME’ FAQs

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20 01-2018
MastaMap ‘TRACK ME’ FAQs
  1. When is MastaMap ‘Track Me’ launching?
    1. We are looking to launch over the coming weeks. Our developers are well known for finishing ahead of schedule so early users who have signed up via will be given first priority to ensure they benefit from our early bird FREE offer. 
  2. How Does Track Me work?
    1. Very simple to use. Once you have downloaded the MastaMap app from Google Play and signed up, you simply click a button & generate a link which you can then share with people you choose.
  3. Who can Track Me?
    1. The good thing is, you will be the one who decides whether to share your link with friend(s), family, or customers.
  4. Can someone track me when I´m driving, or on the bus/car/train?
    1. Yes, indeed! Just share your link with someone who choose and let them see where you are. 
  5. How long can people whom I select, Track Me?
    1. This is up to you. So whether it is 15 mins or 2 hours, you decide. However,  MastaMap will automatically switch off the Track Me link after 3 hours. You can, of course, extend this time – this is up to you as some people i.e.  Entrepreneurs, Traders, Sales people or delivery companies, may require longer timelines. 
  6. Doesn’t Whatsapp offer a similar feature? 
    1. Whatsapp does not currently offer live location tracking; only location sharing. Facebook Messenger and Snapchat currently offer live location sharing but not at the level MastaMap ‘Track ME’ is offering. 
  7. I have another question which I would like answered?
    1. We love to hear from people. You can reach out to us at: [email protected]
  8. I am interested. How do I join as a ‘Track Me’ Early User?
    1. Simply click the link below and let us have your email address

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