MastaMap ‘Track Me’ – Launching Soon!

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14 02-2018
MastaMap ‘Track Me’ – Launching Soon!


How many times have you had to answer this age old question? How many text messages and phone calls a day do you send/receive to get an answer to this question?

1. STUDENTS – Do you have a favourite caterer who serves delicious, affordable food but you often arrive too late because they don’t always serve in the same place and you lost time looking for them?

2. SALESMEN/WOMEN – How many times have you been stuck in traffic and want to inform your client that you’re on route but cannot call/text because you are driving?
3. EVENT ORGANISERS – Do you often run around panicking before every event asking these questions: Where is the photographer? Where is the DJ? Where is the caterer?
4. RESTAURANT OWNERS Do you often assume your fish supplier is arriving any minute and keep looking at the door or gate, only to call & find out they are still stuck in traffic, 15 mins away when you could have been getting on with other things?
5. GIRLS After a night out, do you often send texts asking your friends “Did you arrive home safely?”
6. HUSBANDS/WIVES – How many “I’m leaving work now”, or “I’m stuck in traffic” messages do you send to your spouse on your way home from work?
7. WIVES Were you chatting on the phone too long only to hear your husband’s car in the driveway to pick you up for your night out and you haven’t even jumped in the shower, because you thought he was still stuck in traffic?
8. TEENAGERS Are you meeting friends at a large festival or  sports/shopping venue but cannot find one another?
9. BRIDES Are you worried about turning into ‘Bridezilla’ on your special day as you panic on the phone wondering where the wedding cake, makeup artist, or photographer is?

Track Me button 02SOLUTION: Why not leave all this worry behind and start using MastaMap “Track Me”. Track Me enables you to send people a link so they can track your location movements in real time, for a specified time limit. MastaMap also calculates the exact distance from you to them, as well as ascertain their ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). So, no more calls or texts to check in. No more having to use the phone while driving. No more “Where Are You?” calls. Simply send a “Track Me” link to friends or customers and let them see where you are and how soon you will be joining them. For a sneak preview as to how Track Me works, click HERE

MASTAMAP “TRACK ME” is launching soon. We are looking to build deep relationships with our early user community especially entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses and will be offering “Track Me” FREE for a limited period only. If you would like to try Track Me” as an early user then simply click the link below and let us have your email:   If you have any further questions, check out our MastaMap TRACK ME FAQs 

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